How To Start

Growing Cannabis in Virginia

How To start

Growing cannabis in Virginia

A majority of the Virginia legislature voted on April 7, 2021 to approve amendments to Senate
Bill 1406 | House Bill 2312, which legalizes the personal cultivation marijuana on July 1, 2021. Provisions in the law permits those age 21 and over to cultivate up to four plants per household
at their primary place of residence. The new law requires that no marijuana plant is visible from
a public way without the use of aircraft, binoculars, or other optical aids, and that precautions
are taken to prevent unauthorized access by persons younger than 21 years of age. To each
plant must be attached a legible tag that includes the person’s name, driver’s license or
identification number, and a notation that the marijuana plant is being grown for personal use.

If you’re ready to start growing cannabis in your home please contact us for a free phone consultation. If you have the necessary equipment we can start servicing your plants within the week.